Benefits of Working From Home

Increasingly common, the home office, that is, the work done from home seems to be a global phenomenon for the future and can be beneficial both for the employee and for the contractors, according to a study by the University of Cardiff in the United Kingdom.

Home Office: Pros and Cons of Working from Home

According to the survey, people who work from home or in other remote locations outside of businesses are happier with their jobs and are more likely to say that their jobs are enjoyable and stimulating than those who do the same job in an office environment.

Bosses can also benefit from the new composition of work as home-based individuals say they go the extra mile to prove that while they are in their homes, they are not relaxing but doing their jobs.

But the survey also showed some disadvantages: most remote workers (39%) tend to volunteer over 24% of employees within the company. In addition, they find it more difficult to separate jobs from domestic life.

Work from home, usually without a fixed schedule, can still cause employees to take longer to get out of their jobs: 44% say they suffer from not thinking about work during rest periods, compared to 36% of individuals working in offices.

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