McDonald’s Apologizes and Withdraw the Fish Burger Advert

London: Fastfood company MacDonald has decided to withdraw one of its ads related to fish-burgers. MacDonald UK wrote on twitter that it is withdrawing its ‘dad’ television advertisement.

There were complaints about this that the company was taking advantage of the grief of the child. The company has expressed regret for the feeling of people being hurt.

McDonalds Dead Dad Advert

McDonalds Dead Dad Advert

The company has said that keeping in mind the objections and complaints of the people, it has decided to withdraw the advertisement. Critics complained that the company is taking advantage of a child’s pain in this advertisement.

In this advertisement a child asks about his heavenly Father. Father is very different from his son about the hobby of shoes from soccer games. The child looks disappointed.

In the meantime, the child bites Macdonald’s fish-burger in the advertisement and the mother says, ‘It was also your father’s choice.’ And with this, the frustration of the child’s face has turned away.

The Advertising Standards Authority of Britain received about 100 complaints from viewers.

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Source: NDTV

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