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Stress Management: 30 Tips to Get Relax & Make you Stress Free!

The current times lead you to eat badly, sleep little, live running from one place to another, and work too much. There are things you can not change in your day-to-day work, for example, but you can incorporate some practical tips to reduce stress.

You are used to following a schedule full of daily schedules, how about building an anti-stress routine that will be very useful? Do not let these tips relax are sporadic. Incorporate them into your life as well as add extra activities, take turns with doctors or add work and family events.

Add these relaxation techniques to reduce stress, because they will make you much happier. Start today!

# 1 Breaths

Take your time to do some breathing before going to sleep. They will help you to rest better.

# 2 Modify the way to work Periodically

This helps oxygenate the brain and break the burden of routine.

# 3 Sunlight gives Positive Energy!

Try to go to bed early and early. Daytime activities are better for the body than nighttime activities.

# 4 Try to do a meditation before going to sleep

You can put a song on Spotify or look for some guided meditation on Youtube. Try it!

# 5 Listings

In addition to the supermarket list, make one with leisure plans for the week and try to meet them.

# 6 Go for a walk at least 30 minutes a day

This helps activate the circulation and oxygenation of the body and mind.

# 7 Dedicate time to your pet, or adopt one!

There are many animals that are looking for a home and could be yours.

# 8 Mimate and let yourself be pampered

And the winners of this point are pets!

# 9 Organize a Trip

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or work holiday, having a trip in mind helps relieve stress from the routine.

# 10 Outdoor Breakfast

Start the morning always well fed and in contact with nature is to start the day with the right foot.

# 11 Nothing at least once a week

Water is an ideal means to stop tensions and depressurize the body.

# 12 Embrace more

The benefits of hugs are scientifically proven.

# 13 Leave one day a month to do NOTHING

This is the day of pajamas full time, armchair or bed and no obligation insight.

# 14 And a day without a Cell Phone!

Do you dare to do it? You will see that you feel much more relaxed.

# 15 Listen to music at full volume and sing at the top of your lungs

Shouting is a great exercise to release tension. Test it!

# 16 Get together with your Friends

Organizing a meeting at least once a week will help you to vent verbally.

# 17 Avoid using the Cell Phone in Bed

It is important to disconnect! At bedtime, leave the mobile away from you.

# 18 Let the Creativity Flow

Painting, drawing, or using your hands to mold is a way to break down boundaries and barriers that increase stress.

# 19 Make a Puzzle

The good thing about this board game is that you can only think about chips, chips, and more chips.

# 20 Knead Homemade Pasta and download

Releasing tension by kneading is a good way to channel stress positively and to cook something delicious!

# 21 Do not Speculate about Future Situations, live today!

Being in the present is sometimes more complex than it seems. Begin to exercise your ability to enjoy each day from now on.

# 22 Surround yourself with people who make you happy

Whether family or friends, if you are with the people who make you laugh, the headaches will go away.

# 23 Some Drinks hurt your Sleep, pay attention!

Resting well is essential to reduce stress.

# 24 Avoid Over-Analyzing past Events

It’s time to leave behind what is still spinning in your head, ready to turn the page?

# 25 Dedicate Time to your Sexual Desires

Listen to your body and try to fulfill your fantasies.

# 26 Do not accept more than you can handle

Learning to say “I can not” is difficult, but once you start you will see the great advantages!

# 27 Do not worry so much about your appearance

Stop looking at the mirror and look more at your surroundings and the landscape. Love yourself as you are!

# 28 Enjoy your Cheat Meal

Whether it’s ice cream or a hamburger, dive into the pleasure of food without guilt.

# 29 Make a Sudoku

This mathematical exercise will put your neurons to work.

# 30 The Benefit of the Doubt

Give yourself the opportunity to doubt if you are happy with your work, with your partner, and with your routine in general. If the answer is “no,” maybe it’s time to make some changes.