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Supersonic Aircraft: Travel London to New York in less than 4 hours

US aerospace company first launched Boom miniature model of aircraft supersonic passenger can travel from London to New York in less than 4 hours.

 “The fastest civil aircraft world”, XB-1 Supersonic demonstrator will take off in flight testing in late 2017, according to the Mirror. This is the supersonic aircraft of cheap airline companies by billionaire corporations Boom Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson, sponsored, can complete the 5,585 km journey across the Atlantic from London to New York, USA in 3.5 hours, the manufacturer said in yesterday’s launching ceremony at Centennial airport in Denver, Colorado.

XB-1 prototype size 1/3 version Boom Airliner aircraft in the future. Subsonic flight tests will be conducted near Edwards Air Force Base in southern California planned to cooperate with the company Virgin Galactic Spaceship Group entity. Billionaire Branson confirmed his group would buy 10 aircraft supersonic Boom. The aircraft can reach speeds of 2,335 km / h, faster than 1,600 km / h compared to the famous Concorde.

“60 years after the era aircraft began, we are still flying at the speed of the 1960s,” Blake Scholl, founder and president of the company Boom, said.

“The design engineers do not own Concorde supersonic cheap technology, but we have. We are very proud to launch the first plane and excitedly awaiting the first flight by the end of next year. “

Supersonic XB-1 demonstrator engine developed by General Electric and equipment from Honeywell avionics and carbon fiber shell from Tencate, the same chassis composites produced by Blue Force. The design team includes aircraft Boom aviation professionals experienced worked for the Agency for Aerospace America (NASA), companies SpaceX and Boeing Corporation.

After learning about the Concorde, the design team combined technology advanced aerodynamics, high-performance engines and new synthetic materials to build a prototype supersonic airplane safety, cheap prices 2.6 times faster compared with current aircraft. The aircraft underwent testing more than 1,000 tests in the wind tunnel, with elongated body and engine turboprop efficiency push.

Unlike the Concorde, designed by Boom without afterburner, significantly reduce fuel consumption. According to the simulation, Boom quieter operation and 30% more efficient than the Concorde. The cabin is divided into two single seats, allowing passengers to sit by the window and corridor. To reduce weight, the seat is made of first class standard and reclining beds.

Scholl said the plane can serve 500 routes, including 5-hour journey from San Francisco to Tokyo, Japan and 6 hours from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia.

“Unlike the Concorde, the price to fly on just the equivalent fare Boom merchants compartment of the plane normal,” Stroll share.

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