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8 Signs You Are In Love With Your Co-Worker

Work is an important part of our adult life, especially from the social point of view. Seeing the same group of people every day for several hours allows us to develop a bond and even the emergence of a feeling a little deeper. If you want to know if your work partner and you are falling in love, these signals will tell you.

1. They find Excuses to talk

Either one finds a little time in the day to talk about anything. Therefore, it is easy to have a chat, however brief it may be.

2. They stay a little late

The departure time was the most desired of the day, but this time is different, as they try to match their schedules as much as possible, although that means sacrificing a little free time.

3. They make a lot of Eye Contact

It is normal that, when speaking, we fix our gaze on the other. However, everything changes when this becomes frequent even though there is no exchange of words.

4. They get Nervous when they are close

They remain attentive to what the other has to say or do, so they are also prone to feeling a bit pressured to make a good impression.

5. The Little Details that Reveal

They are written to know that they have arrived safely at home, have coffee, or exchange gifts on dates outside of the festivities. In conclusion, any gesture of special attention has a place regardless of the moment.

6. They try to get to know each other more

The hours at work are not enough, so they try to know more about each other in other environments in order to discover if they have more in common. Any information is valuable.

7. They feel Jealous

It is normal for us to converse and share time with several groups at work. However, if both are jealous of what the other is doing, it may no longer be just a friendship.

8. Exchange Compliments

A clear signal that they are both feeling more than just affection is when they begin to exchange compliments. Any detail is worthy of a compliment.

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