7 Questions Couples Should Discuss Before Marriage

If you have been dating someone for a few years now and begin to think about going to the altar, before taking a definite stand it may be important to find out if you are able to answer some questions considered of extreme relevance to a stable and happy marriage.

Questions you should answer before you marry

1. What is your opinion about Monogamy?

Finding out what you and your couple think about it is important to avoid frustration and unhappiness in marriage. A person who values marital fidelity too much may be forced to face great friction with someone who considers the idea of an open relationship relevant.

2. Do you have any Secrets that need to be revealed?

If you have doubts about the union or have something that you feel is important to be revealed to the pair, it might be best to put everything on clean plates and expose feelings and actions before marriage.

3. What are your Dreams and Plans for the future?

A person who has always dreamed of living out of the country or has in mind goals that would affect the coexistence of two should expose the couple to their feelings to avoid unpleasant surprises or even a possible separation.

4. Do you plan to have children? How many?

The decision to raise a family is extremely important and verifying that the pair has the desire and the disposition to have children is fundamental to avoid possible frustrations and charges in the future. The subject is quite serious and can not be ignored to be debated only after marriage.

5. Do you have any “Loving Trauma” from the past?

Identifying yourself or questioning the other about possible affective traumas that occurred in previous relationships can help you figure out how ready or not you are to get on the altar. Someone who has difficulty giving in or exposing feelings because of past hurts may need to spend time alone before finally joining a partner.

6. What are your Financial Priorities?

Money has a great impact on the day-to-day life of a marriage. So knowing how the couple deals with finances and how they plan to invest the budget of the house avoids fights in the future. A person who dreams of stability will hardly be able to live with someone who is not able to save, spends on impulse, or prefers to live one day at a time to create safety plans.

7. What do you think about Couple Therapy?

The question may sound strange to those who have not even climbed the altar, but a possible negative opinion about counseling, when necessary, may indicate that the person will not be open to discuss and discuss problems that may arise in marriage.

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